Chronic Pain and CRPS- from hypothesis to Therapy- a survey

Chronic pain and CRPS

from hypothesis to therapy: an extended survey

This page shows a survey of the phenomena of chronic pain and CRPS.

CRPS as an uncontrolled phase of chronic pain. A survey reversed in time.

All the aspects of chronic pain, brought together into this internet domain are gathered on this page.

First of all the new thesis about the origin of chronic pain and CRPS, as a phase of chronic pain itself. Backgrounds, pharmacology, infrared thermography as a reliable diagnostic method for chronic pain, prevention and testing procedures, therapeutic possibilities are discussed in this downloadable pdf.

The original hypothesis will be transformed into a pdf too.

The complete BLOG : A new model about chronic pain, started 7 March 2018 and finished 3 September 2018 : Model  is the first pdf of these series. Downloadable HERE: Blog about new insights of chronic pain and CRPS.pdf

Published on 05/09/2018door Henk