Chronic pain a painful problem

Chronic pain a Painful Problem


The presence of chronic pain with no apparent aetiology has been a major problem for more than a century. The complex range of causes has still not settled into the scientific mind in 2016. That is not so much because there is no evidence for it, buy more because the evidence is older than five years, and is therefore no longer taken seriously by scientists: old means useless. This booklet, the summary of which is published as a blog, takes the reader through time to reveal the efforts that have already been taken in making chronic pain measurable and visible, which is a very good reason to go back in time. That too is possible. These days chronic pain needlessly costs billions more than it should, not to mention the misery and sadness patients and their social surrounds have to go through to the extent that they do. However, no one can seriously promise complete relief from pain.

The complete PDF is published from October 25 2016 as separate Blog.

Downloadable from this page. Chronic pain a painful problem.pdf



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